Fey Places

Fey places are locations in any plane of existence, possibly excluding the Heavens dominated by fey powers.

The greatest of fey places on the Earth is called the Elflands, the kingdom of the high elves. However, many smaller locations have connections to fey power, some as small as a mushroom circle in a forest.

Some fey places extend into other planes of existence, and a knowledgeable adept can use them to travel accordingly. For example, the easiest route into the Underworld is often via a hollow hill that leads into a fey part of the Underworld (sometimes called a Feydark).

The greatest of all fey places, however, is the Moon, which lies on the border between the Air and the Heavens, and is the home and capital of the fey goddess Sehanine. The Moon can be reached from certain fey places on hilltops, provided the Moon is in the right phase and the traveler has the assistance of that location’s residents.

There are likewise a few fey locations in the Water, particularly the kingdom of the sea elves, though it is not as grand as the Elflands.

Fey Places

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