List of Deities

Civic Pantheon

Imperial Cult

Deities of Other Worlds

The deities of other worlds are recognized, legitimate gods that are associated with worlds other than the Earth, and aren’t part of the official pantheon, but are recognized as real and legitimate within their sphere of influence.

God Alignment Archetype World Portfolio
Sehanine Chaotic Neutral Arcanist Air (the Moon) Goddess of the Moon, all fey places and entities, of dreams, and of magic.
Kakatal Neutral Evil Warbringer Air (Aurora) God-king of the efreet
Pontus Chaotic Good Protector Water God of the sea, of grief, patron of sailors
Orome Chaotic Neutral Stormcaller Water God of storms, of the open sea
Dagon Chaotic Evil Warbringer Water God of the sea, mer-folk, sea-raiders
Pyaray Chaotic Evil Reaper Water (the Abyss) God of the Abyss, sea monsters, chaos, destruction

Primordial Entities

Foreign and Novel Gods

Foreign and novel gods are those who might be real, but aren’t recognized by most people in Tartessos. They may however have significant cults. Most foreign cults are politically suspect, particularly if they’re antagonistic to the official civic pantheon.

List of Deities

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